8. Transaction / Transaction Value

Transactions x Average Transaction Value = Total Sales. These KPI’s are incredibly important because improvement can be quick and easy to implement. Join us: Thursday 24th February @ 2pm Book Your Free Place

6. Customer Attrition

How engaged are your existing customers? Maximising engagement and improving customer results in improved retention, increased cross-sales and more referrals. Join us: Thursday 10th February @ 2pm Book Your Free Place

12. Performance vs Plan

With all the planning done, prepare your 5 Year 3 Way forecast and regularly report ‘Performance vs Plan’ to systematically grow your business. Join us: Thursday 16th December @ 2pm Book Your Free Place

1. How to grow your business

Discover how small improvements in the Business Growth Drivers quickly compound to deliver outstanding improvements in profit and equity value. Join us: Thursday 6th January @ 2pm Book Your Free Place

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