Financial due diligence and offers made on three companies in one day

VFD’s EVA suite was recently used by a fast-growing Event Solutions agency in Hampshire to assess three businesses they were evaluating and potential acquisition targets. Having purchased businesses previously, and integrated them into the group they were painfully aware of the time and cost typically associated with assessing and valuing each business.

Their CFO had heard about VFD through a business contact and led by their in-house finance team, used ‘EVA for Buyers’ on the three businesses they were assessing. Amazed at how quick and simple the process had been, the group CFO commented:

“We set up three target businesses on the VFD portal, sent links to the management of each company who were able to synchronise their data in next to no time.”

The management team was then able to access much more information than they had ever been able to access before to help them assess the stand-alone value of each business and their potential merged value as part of the group”. In the words of the group CEO:

“Using VFD’s Financial Due Diligence Report and the Valuation and Exit Forecast Models, we were able to assess each business in far greater depth than previous businesses we have purchased and in a fraction of the time. It also gave us a lot more confidence when making our initial offer because not only could we assess each business individually, we were also able to model the impact each would have on the group over the next 5 years.”

When asked to comment on their experience using VFD’s EVA suite their CFO simply said:

“We cut the time taken to perform the financial due diligence and generate an acceptable valuation range from 5 days to half a day, we also cut the cost by 75%., incredible.”

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