‘Free’ Connections Now Available

Upgrade 1.6.1: ‘Free’ vs ‘Paid’ Connections – Now Live

Now you can deliver much more value to all your clients and as a VFD Pro subscriber, it won’t cost you a penny more. Every VFD Pro user can now deliver the incredibly valuable Business Overview Report to ALL their Xero and Sage 50 clients and it won’t cost them a penny.

Providing detailed, timely, management information that includes the most critical Key Performance Indicators is not only extremely valuable for clients, it also means you can interact with clients each and every month strengthening and reinforcing your relationship with them.

VFD Pro users can now choose whether to provide the Business Overview Report each month for free as ‘part of your service’ or ‘a charged for extra’ the choice is yours.

When you log into your VFD Pro Portal you will see the following changes:

  1. You will see the number and type of clients:
  2. When you view the client detail, under Client Details you will see the Financial Year and Connection Type.
  3. When setting up a new client for the first time, (or editing existing client details), you will be asked to provide two additional pieces of information, the Financial Year End and the Connection Type.

The Financial Year End will make it possible for you to provide your clients with progress year to date reports (due to be added to your portal shortly).

Setting a Client to ‘Free’ will allow you to run the Business Overview report free of charge, what you charge your client is completely up to you.

Setting a Client to ‘Trial’ will allow you to run a subset of the reporting suite once so you have the reports you need to discuss their financial position and sell your Management Reporting or Part-Time FD services. To run the full set of reports and models on a regular basis you will need to move the client from ” to ‘Paid’.

You can have as many ‘Free’ clients on your VFD Pro Portal as you wish, and you will only be able to generate the Business Overview Report each month. The number of ‘Trial’ clients you can have is dependent upon your VFD Pro subscription.

If you wish to make your clients aware that the Business Overview Report is now a part of your service, either as a part of your standard service or as a charged for extra, you may wish to use this suggested news update as inspiration: Please click here to download suggested words and images.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please ask and/or let me know. If you would like to arrange a time to talk please feel free to find a mutually convenient time for both of us by using this link: Click here to book a meeting in my diary.

What will you do?

Some accountants charge their clients £25 every month for the Business Overview Report alone, whilst others give it away for free as ‘part of the service’. If your clients paid you an extra £300 per year, and you enjoyed zero cost of goods, how much more profit could you make each year?

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