VFD Pro Managerial Finance Mastery Course

Investing in your team and your clients

Interactive & Fully Supported Training Programme

Throughout the 12 weeks you will be strongly encouraged to practice discussing your new ‘Advisory Services’ with clients and prospects each week. If your experience is anything like other delegates, you should fully expect to generate additional recurring fee income that will give you an ROI many times your investment.

Each session will be recorded so if you have to miss any of the sessions, or wish to listen again, you can do so at any time. You will also have access to a library of support materials and instruction videos plus an online Learning Management System so you can test and confirm your understanding. The course will also provide you with a certified 36 hours of CPD.

The 12 week programme delivers:

  • 2 hours facilitated training and support each week.
  • Breakout rooms with peers to challenge thinking and enhance learning.
  • Structured guides for ‘quick wins’ with clients.


Friday 25th February 2022

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Practice Investment

Only £1397 (+VAT) per delegate

(practice discount for VFD Pro subscribers will be applied)

Training Return on Investment

You want your CPD and training investment to deliver a return.

Recent example of ‘wins’ whilst on the 12 week programme (or shortly afterwards) include:

Your Guarantee

If for any reason you are not absolutely delighted by the end of week 4, simply say so and your money will be refunded in full, no questions asked.






What happened?

Existing annual accounts client upsold to a monthly management meeting.

New client acquired.

New client acquired.

Assisted client prepare for exit.

Value to Practice

£955 per month

£37,150 per annum

£40,470 per annum

£6,475 per month

Weekly Modules

1.1 The 90 Day Plan
Getting to know each other, clarifying objectives, structure for the 12 weeks and access to the Knowledge Base and Learning Management system.

1.2 The Journey from A to B
Key reasons businesses fail, clarify what ‘advisory’ is and what’s it worth and to whom. Introducing the ‘Business Overview Report’ and the ‘So What Guides’.

2.1 The Business Overview Report
A detailed introduction to the Business Overview Report. Lag, (history), and lead indicators. The bare essential management information needed to run a business.

2.2 Asking Great Questions – So What? Guides
Bringing the numbers to life – discussing with Business Owners. How to ask great questions to make client meetings valuable and desirable.

3.1 The Performance Analysis Report (Above the Line)
A detailed look at the Performance Analysis Report and how it highlights multiple opportunities to increase sales, cut costs and increase equity value.

3.2 The Performance Analysis Report (Below the Line)
Using the Performance Analysis Report to demonstrate the full value you can bring to your clients and the ways you can help them increase profitability and equity value.

4.1 The Client Discussion Model: Presenting to Your Client
Make the impact of small changes on business growth, income and equity value tangible and intoxicating. Agree the value – agree the scope.

4.2 The Business Growth Model
Practical session on using the Business Growth Model in practice to project and experiment with various business situations and growth scenarios.

5.1 The Performance Trend Report
From Birth to Exit – Quarterly or Annual review meetings for businesses with less than two years trading history or with dramatic movement in revenue.

5.2 The Customer & Supplier Analysis Reports
Gaining an in depth understanding of the opportunities and threats to sales and profitability in the customer & supplier base of any business. Asking more brilliant questions.

6.1 The Management Report & The Board Pack
Monthly Management for clients who don’t yet have a forecast. Tracking KPI performance on a rolling 12 month basis or Financial Year to Date (The Board Pack)

6.2 Building the Management Pack, Non-Financial KPI’s
Establishing your Clients KPI’s, Financial and Non-Financial, to agree to overall contents of the ‘Management Pack’, and responsibilities for generation and distribution.

7.1 The Customer Targeting & Client Segmentation Models
Low hanging fruit and opportunities for growth. A ‘Simple and Repeatable Process’ for systematic Gap Analysis and Cross Selling to create a sales forecast.

7.2 The 5 Year 3 Way Forecast
Sales is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, but Cash is Reality. Delivering a 360° view of forecast performance to create the basis for management to track and drive improved performance over time.

8.1 The Funding Proposal
Using your Forecast to help clients create winning funding proposals that maximise the probability of successfully obtaining debt finance – the CAMPARI model.

8.2 Performance vs Forecast. Risk Management & Reporting
Every successful business has a plan and they review Performance vs Forecast every step of the way, become the critical partner in your client’s success.

9.1 The Customer Exception and Marketing ROI Reports
The rate and trends in Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention highlight issues with Marketing and the related ROI allowing for a high value discussion with clients.

9.2 Utilities and Using The Opportunity Exception Reports
Using Exception Reports typically calls for a unique approach to add value for all clients. Taking Utilities as an example, learn how to add the extra Wow to client discussions.

10.1 The Business Intelligence Dashboard & The Business Data Model
How to deliver the business insight most FD’s dream of but never enjoy in the real world – slicing and dicing the raw data to answer any question.

10.2 Comprehensive Business Valuation & Financial Due Diligence
Turn every client meeting into a ‘wow’ experience to deliver far more value than the average Finance Director at a fraction of the cost.

11.1 Exit Planning and Forecasting – Reporting Performance vs Plan
How to deliver the business insight most FD’s dream of but never enjoy in the real world – slicing and dicing the raw data to answer any question.

11.2 Preparing a Business and its Owner for Exit
Every business owner must exit at some stage. Guiding your client from Birth, through growth and value creation to achieve a successful exit.

12.1 Implementation Action Planning
Becoming your client’s most valued and most desired ‘Business Advisor’ making the future happen today by taking action right now.

12.2 Consolidation and Ongoing Support Options
A solution for every budget, everyone wants a ‘Done For You’ implementation with a guide and a mentor. Becoming ‘the’ Indispensable Trusted Advisor.

What delegates say…

It will enable us to help our clients so they get a better value service and they can then refer us on.

It’s really in depth training which is brilliant, and really gets into what it can do and how it can help us benefit clients. It gives us more value that we can give to our customers.

It’s always interesting when you undertake any training, or mixing with other practitioners, as there’s an open sharing of ideas and suggestions; there’s always something you’ll pick up from someone else.

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