Why Financial Advisory is right for your practice

When you provide the Financial Advice and Support business owners need and want, they are very happy to pay for it.

This intensive 2 day workshop clearly explains now to implement Financial Advisory in your practice. The two days have been designed by accountants already doing it, to help you attract more ‘ideal clients’ and reduce the risk of over-dependence on ‘compliance’ revenue.

Typical Recurring Fee Income:

£10,000.00 to £36,000.00 per annum, per client

Prices from just £ 348.50 +VAT all inclusive

Discounts for multiple attendees from one practice: 1st person = £697.00, 2nd person = £522.75 (25% discount), 3rd, 4th… £348.50 (50% discount).

15th & 16th February 2022 – 9am to 4.30 pm

Woodland Grange, Old Milverton Lane, Leamington Spa, CV32 6RN

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VFD Pro helped me pick up £35,000 in fees within five weeks.
Hugh Stedman | Managing Partner, C&H Stedman Accountants

Xero | Accountancy Age survey of 1,500 businesses

Did You Know


  • Part-Time FD’s and Advisers are charging your clients £600 to £1,200+ per day.
  • Business owners want more proactive support to help them achieve greater success.
  • Be the ‘Go-To’ source of financial advice in your area (for both clients & prospects).
  • Transition clients to a monthly retainer for a bundle of ‘Value Add’ services they want.


  • These are services you should be providing as your client’s most trusted advisor.
  • Discover how to easily deliver practical support and financial growth advice.
  • Attract more of your ideal clients by providing the financial support business owners desire.
  • Escape pressure on fee income and an over-dependence on ‘compliance’ revenues.

This intensive course will help you understand

  • Why you are critical to your clients long term success (the reasons may surprise you!).
  • Why advisory matters (and it’s not because of the predicted death of compliance!).
  • What are the 9 key areas to focus on to achieve excellence.
  • The ideal structure your firm needs to deliver an exceptional client experience.
  • How to use your VFD thinking for team and client engagement.
  • How to target your client base for an effective and sustainable rollout of value added and advisory services.
  • What success looks like and the client journey – how VFD Pro can help you navigate the change process.
  • Why VFD services are key to becoming truly proactive in your client’s eyes.

Extra Bonus For All Attendees

All attendee firms will also receive a 1 hour, online meeting with Richard Brewin to discuss the top 3 challenges they consider their firm faces and look at strategies for addressing them. Usually priced £250.

Plus… An online Practice Growth Potential workshop with Mark Walker to quantify the Advisory Growth Potential in your practice, worth £500.

And… all attendee firms will also benefit from a 90 day extended free trial of VFD Pro, potential value = £ thousands…

Programme Details

Day 1


Start With WHY?

  • Dreams and Goals
  • Why businesses Fail
  • What’s your role
  • Defining Success

Finding The PAIN

  • Business Objectives
  • Performance Analysis
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Presenting Solutions

Delivering PLEASURE

  • Input Drivers
  • Growth Potential
  • Boosting Cash Flow
  • Value Proposition


Planning To SUCCEED

  • Quick Wins
  • Plan for Success
  • Beyond Planning
  • Becoming Indispensable

Exit Value Accelerator (EVA)

  • What’s your Number
  • Becoming Exit Ready
  • The Planning Process
  • Preparation & Exit

Packaging Your Services

  • Communications
  • Value Based Pricing
  • Production Process
  • Real World Delivery

Day 2


Case Study

  • The 25K+ Client
  • How they view things
  • Why did they say ‘YES’
  • Their experience
  • Advice for others

The Firm of the Future

  • How to run a firm in 2021 vs. How to run a firm in 2025
  • The nine areas critical to your long term success
  • Providing the Complete Outsource Finance Function
  • Client Engagement and New Client Acquisition
  • The Importance of Educating and Training Clients


Summary and Wrap Up

  • Your 90 Day Plan ~ A repeatable scalable process
  • Why your Financial Advisory must be Manager, not Partner led
  • Overcoming blocks and barriers: Successful Change Management
  • Why compliance is the foundation for delivering Financial Advisory
  • Effective planning, workflow organisation and value based pricing

Typical Recurring Fee Income:

£10,000.00 to £36,000.00 per annum, per client

Prices from just £ 348.50 +VAT all inclusive

Discounts for multiple attendees from one practice: 1st person = £697.00, 2nd person = £522.75 (25% discount), 3rd, 4th… £348.50 (50% discount).

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