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Survive, Thrive, Grow and Exit Successfully

The VFD money back guarantee is for both of us, to ensure we focus on the same things:
Increasing job satisfaction for you and your client managers, plus greater value for clients and the
loyalty that comes with genuinely helping clients survive, thrive, grow, and exit successfully.

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Discover the power of VFD Pro

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Why is this important? Because the business failure rates are a national disgrace, but the statistics on businesses exiting successfully are a economic crime of incalculable proportions.

The benefits of making the story come true are off the scale, and the prize for the accountants who accept the mission of making a real difference are not to be under-estimated:

For You Personally

Job Satisfaction, Increased Worth & Remuneration, Role Model

For Your Practice

Become the Employer of Choice, Pick and Choose Clients, Role Model

For Your Clients

Success (and Absolute Confidence they have the Right Accountant)

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How VFD Pro Will Support Your Practice Objectives

Client Discussion Model

Discuss with Clients: Valuation today and demonstrate the potential for growth in revenue, profit, and increased value in five years. Become irresistible: highlight the potential to improve cash flow to wow both clients and prospects alike

Forecasting, Planning and Funding

Using VFD Pro’s incredibly detailed 3 Way Forecast and Planning you immediately become invaluable to your clients and raising funding becomes child’s play.

Business Growth Planning

The key to success is planning, and in business the only way to articulate the plan is in the form of the forecast, but unlike the chicken and the egg, the planning has to come first, then the Forecast, not the other way round.

Enhanced Performance Analysis and Reporting

VFD Pro totally automates the process of extracting data, analysis and reporting on business performance. This means you and your team don’t waste time, you go straight into delivering value that is valued and desired by clients.

Business Valuation & Exit Planning

VFD Pro provides a full suite of reports and models allowing  you to help guide your clients through the process of buying or selling a business with the ‘Exit Value Accelerator’.

Opportunity Exception Reports

Management by exceptions reports generated when specific conditions are identified. These highlight opportunities to reduce risk, cut costs and increase sales / profit.

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VFD Pro is design to give your practice the edge when advising clients on how to move their business forward.

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