Big or Small, VFD is perfect for them all.

We were recently asked if VFD Pro could synchronise with Sage 200, the management team in this particular business were having trouble generating meaningful reporting and preparing a forecast for their business. Using two basic reports from Sage 200, they used VFD’s manual conversion tool to convert the reports and upload them to VFD to create a full suite of content.

The automatically generated Business Overview, Performance Analysis, Customer & Supplier Analysis and Marketing ROI reports were used to analyse performance over the past 3 years to identify the drivers of profitability and working capital. Providing considerably more depth and breadth of analysis than the internal finance team had been able to extract from Sage 200 and in a fraction of the time, meaning the finance team could concentrate on what they were good at.

They were able to help define the financial strategy for the business using the Business Growth, Client Segmentation and Customer targeting models. Finally, the Forecast & Funding proposal model was used to help model the financial impacts of various scenarios on the financial performance of the business.

At their monthly management meetings, they are now able to review how they are performing against their targets and the potential impact this has on their year end position. As well as this they are now able to measure progress against a financial scorecard of 18 metrics, all in a few clicks.

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