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1.10.3 Automated Reporting Controls

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With Release 1.10.3 you can now totally automate the monthly management reporting process.

There are four potential parts to fully automating your Report Automation process:

  • Configure Clients to Auto Synchronise: Decide which clients you wish to automatically synchronise each month, enable ‘Auto Reporting’, enter the day of the month you wish to generate an updated set of reports, and the day of the month you wish to automatically email your client to tell them their Management Reports are available.

Note: Having entered a date to send notification to clients you also need to enter your clients details and decide what you want them to access / manage when they logon.

  • Setup Clients to Receive Notification: To automatically email your clients you will need to add the names / email address of the personnel within your client’s company who need to receive the Management Report updates and then logon to access the reports.
  • Enable / Disable the Reports Clients can Access: By default, your client will be able to access all of the reports that are generated (as a function of the connection type). You will almost certainly restrict the number of reports that are available to your client and their management team.
  • Have your VFD Pro Portal Branded: When your clients logon to your VFD Portal you will logically want to have this branded to provide your practice branding when logging in, accessing reports or using the password reset function etc. This is an optional extra.

Further information on each of the above follows:

Configure Clients to Auto Synchronise

As part of the onetime setup, enable the Auto Sync as follows: Select the client you wish to setup to Auto Sync, then click View to edit the client settings as shown below.

You will see at the bottom of the Client Details area, you now have the option to enable the auto reporting by clicking the tick box. Your VFD Pro Portal then asks you for two more items of information, the Delay in days and the day of the month to automatically send report notification to clients.

Delay (Days): This is the delay you will agree with your client to allow time for the prior months transactions to be entered and in turn allow the Management Accounts to be generated.

Send Report on Day of the Month: This controls the day on which the system will automatically alert clients to the fact their monthly management accounts have been generated. This gives you and your team time to review the management accounts and make amendments where appropriate.

Setup Clients to Receive Notification

Before the system can email your client and their management team, you will also need to add their name, email address and set their permissions as detailed below.

Select the client you wish to edit by clicking View and then select Manage Users.

Then enter the client details and set their permissions, note, if you do not tick ‘Receive Report Notifications’, the system will not automatically email clients.

Enable / Disable the Reports Clients can Access

To view and manage the reports your clients can access simply configure the Client Settings as outlined below:

By default, all reports and growth models are enabled, simply disable the reports you don’t want your client to access when they logon. So if configured as illustrated below, whilst you would be able to see everything, your client and their management team would only be able to access the Business Overview Report and the Board Summary.

Have your VFD Pro Portal Branded

By default, your VFD Pro Portal will use the VFD Pro green colours, the VFD Pro Logo, Favicon and contact telephone number.

Whilst you can edit the branding used for your Reports and Business Growth Models, you will need to contact VFD Pro if you wish to also have your portal branded as per the example below.

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